Tennin FA (Worlds 2019 Swiss 5-2)

Nevofix 171

Since I am not a very competitive player, I decided to take some less represented IDs that enjoy playing to both Belgian Nationals and Worlds.
Originally I took a different variant of this deck to Belgian Nationals the week before Worlds, playing Cayambe Grid, but it didn't do very well. The Cayambe Grids did nothing most of the games, so I replaced them with Mausoluses and went with the La Costa Grid/Bio Vault option.

During the swiss at Worlds the deck did way better than in my wildest dreams. Unfortunately, my runner deck was not up to speed with the 2 Argus matchups and 3 Palanas. This Tennin deck did very well in my opinion. The two games I lost were due to horrible mulligans, one of which had 8 agenda points and no ice in it. I got flooded in my first game as well, but managed to barely pull off a win.

The matchups were
Smoke - win
Adam - win
Smoke - loss
MaxX - win
Val - loss
Smoke (I think?) - win
Val - win

To my surprise, the deck won three games against Stargate decks.

On the second day, the deck did 2-1 in a standard pod, killing one player by using CVS to purge Aumakua before a Saisentan encounter <3

I don't think the deck is great, but I do believe it is fun. Thanks everyone for the great Worlds experience!