Tempo ACME: 4-1 CoL 2019

qvm 1238

This ACME won almost all games during Crown of Lasers. It only lost to @JackMade on stream, in a tight game.

It's good against many runners (that ice is hard to deal with), but atrocious against ddos. Luckily, I didn't face any during the tournament.

Many people lean into the whole tag thing too much when building ACME: Data ravens, HHN, etc. I took another approach: For me the ID simply reads: a bunch of janky ice (and ip block) is great (and amazing) while it's the outermost piece. This leads to a multi-remote tempo play.

Shout out to @lostgeek and @HerbartKloppstock for being a fun CoL group!

9 Oct 2019 Chiphead404

I hate this deck, but you get the like nevertheless.