Acme: the spanking you need (3-2 CoL)

Quercia 218

This is the kill (ish) deck I brought to the Crown of Lasers as the Berlin team (Saan, 5N00P1 and I) decided to go full Murder and full Apoc. Well, what's funnier than killing with a cartoon named ID?

The deck did quite well, considering I had to rework it entirely the night before the tournament. I decided not to rely on HPT and go with only one Boom! Instead and CV to fetch it. But the real killer is Punitive Counterstrike and CV acting as a 4th one. Get tons of money with Daily Quest, score GFI, threaten a score with QPM or NGO and smile while the runner realizes that D4V1D has not enough stones to shoot down Data Ward.

If you want to spice it up, cut Attitude Adjustment and add Game Over. Throwing that on the table after baiting the runner into a 15 minutes is a thing of beauty.

P.S.: Hydra goes on archives protecting your intentionally discarded GFI. Just saying.

8 Oct 2019 Nem0

@Quercia Any reason you've got done to 1 UCF? I've found it's almost 100% win rate when it fires.

8 Oct 2019 Quercia

@Ravensteve Purely bad judgment from my side. One of those Slot Machines could easily be a second UCF. Specially not that Engolo's are not everywhere anymore.