World's worst Biotech (7-1)(top16)

Flekk 144

Guess who played the worst Biotech and STILL made Worlds top 16?

Based on this deck

So I tinkered arond with this deck for a while now and besides the fact that there shall be a second Voter Intimidation included (which I couldn't fit if my life was on the line), this deck is perfect! However I would say this is a deck that is not easy to play if you haven't got the experience with Jinteki kill decks/grind decks. It takes some mind games, hiding your agendas carefully planting traps if needed and of course good ICE placement. As I exclusively play Jinteki as corp, I could submerge with the playstyle quite quickly, but I would recommend that you play a lot of games before turning up to a tournament.

In the swiss I got 419, apocAlice x3, Smoke x2, no-apocVal and Wu. The last match I have ID-d myself to top16. Out of this matches 3 were Film Critic matches, 2 played no one home and the 419 also played caldera, so flatlining didn't come as easy as I suspected. The only match I lost against one of the Smokes who won on his last access he could make.

In the cut I went 0-2 unfortunately, my first match was Biotech where we went to time where the runner had no more agenda steals left without dying but 2 more turns were needed to finish scoring.

One important note that I have discovered during the Worlds is when the runner has decked himself, sometimes it's the best thing to do is to flip the Brewery asap and not wait for the kill.

8 Oct 2019 formerteen

nice to see that biotech is still sneaking into the worlds top 16

8 Oct 2019 Flekk

@formerteen it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it (especially if you're the only Biotech) #lonelyBiotech

8 Oct 2019 formerteen

i can't believe you were the only biotech! there were 3 of us near the top tables at the end of swiss last year. a sad day for biotech indeed...

8 Oct 2019 Murse

Love it. Great job repping Biotech!

9 Oct 2019 Longi

As much as I hate playing against such decks I bow once more to your skill, Jinteki Master.

9 Oct 2019 vesper

Thank you for travelling so far, competing so well, and congratulations for making it into the Top 16!

10 Oct 2019 Powar

Biotech didn't need more than 1 to get into top 16 this year. Awesome deck, and well done @Flekk!

10 Oct 2019 BizTheDad

The lowly Beanstalk Royalties is funny.

11 Oct 2019 Flekk

@BizTheDad actually this is the card i wanted to cut, but it saved my ass so many times, i couldn't do it. Also from 0 creds you can beanstalk+giraffe for 8, so you can pay for both snares the runner accesses ;)