Apocaval 5th at Worlds!

Bridgeman 402

This is the apocaval I took to worlds, and the one that I have been playing all year long since march I believe. Previously it got me first place at Malmö Store Champs and second at Malmö Regionals.

At worlds it did okay going 5-4 all in all, my corp is really what carried me to 5th place: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/57289/have-all-cakes-and-eat-them-too-5th-at-worlds- I dont think the deckchoice was bad though, with a few better piloting decisions I think I would have picked up another game or two :)

The difference from most apoc vals is the mining accidents. I like them against asset spammy decks to make the matchup even harder for them, landing one early game can win you the game on the spot. This is especially useful against the asset spam decks with hate against apoc where you might need a backup plan.

The card is not useless against other corps though, getting the bad pub makes it easier to run the remote repeatedly, makes the apoc turn cheaper, and lets you break things cheaply post apoc. If they chose to lose 5 then that is also pretty great. Another advantage over alternatives such as amped up and stargate is that it doesnt have to sit in your hand for a long time before being played. Though I´m still not sure if it was a good choice to favor them over some of the other options.

During the event I Won against, ASA, IG, Argus, SSO and Blue sun. The losses were against Rystryders glacier ASA(no chance for me), a Nasty Punitve Palana where I hit too many traps and ran out of cards, a close game against Pinsels combo ASA, and a close one against the outfit. The last two I kind of let slip out of my fingers.

The event was a lot of fun! Thanks to my opponents for being nice people and thanks to Nisei for organizing!

26 Nov 2019 Gries

What ID do you use the Rebirth for?

13 Apr 2020 Bridgeman

Sry for the ridiculously late reply :D If it is Still of interest I usually go for Omar to make it easier to apoc. There are a few edge cases however where Kim, quetzal and Alice are viable alternatives. I dont think Ive ever rebirthed into an Id other than those four, though having the option is nice.