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x3r0h0ur 8692

It's been since about creation and control since I've played Andromeda with any consistency, so I thought I'd circle around back to her. With big taxing ice decks being a thing, and good resource econ available, I wanted to cash in on that.

This produces a metric fuckton of money, and ensures you'll get in where you want. I dropped out all denial except siphon in favor of being able to threaten remotes with big dollars and efficient breakers, so that I can get agendas to pile up in HQ for some fancy legwork.

I'm sure I'll miss e-shutdown from time to time but playing the same cards all the time is boring. Ignore siphon at this juncture.

In playing it I've had 30-40 credits because there is so much econ, and it feels pretty great. It stands up to asset trashing fairly well, and lets you do some rig building which is always kinda great.

I might swap out tri-maf for same old thing to keep the pressure up, but it really helps mid-game with econ spiking.

24 May 2014 Argamas

How do you counter Shutdown? Faeries?