Faking Clot is just as good as playing it - 42nd at Worlds

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Goeshi 88

After seemingly endless back-and-forth between #clot and #stimhack I finally settled on this deck and it took me to top-50 at Worlds. It went 3-4 on the day, being held up by my corp and missing out on games due to 2-4-1s

The reality is that you probably lose if the Corp can get to 5 points. So the answer is just never let them get that far. #Stargate early. #stimhack aggressively. And keep all their combo pieces in the bin. I like to play aggressively and this leans nicely into that.

Wins - La Costa Palana x2, Argus

Loses - Blue Sun, NEH kill, Outfit, Azmari kill

Huge thanks to @drago and @algebraic for their tips and encouragement. @drago is definitely better at deck names than I am too