"So I have 6 agendas but only 3 points" - 216th @ Worlds

koga 722

That's what some people said during games @ Worlds and @ the Standard pod I played on Sunday. I like it.

I've been playing fake points for a couple months, usually going for a jammy style, but after watching Codemarvelous play I decided to switch things up a little bit.
This is the deck I panic-built while sitting at the table the morning of worlds after I listed my runner deck for the event, and it still did pretty well going 4-1 (I lost 2 2x1 with my runner during the last 2 rounds. ouch), plus going 2-1 on Sunday during side-events.

There's.. not much to say, really. All you do is install cards, score some agendas, let the runner steal some and draw with the ID, at some point you score big points with Game Changer or Exchange a 2/0 for a Food if the runner makes a mistake to close out.

@ Worlds I lost to Swabl on the first round. We were 6-6, he stimhacked through 2 FC3 and a just rezzed Gatekeeper, going down to 1$ to snipe the 1 in 5 Vitruvius I had in hand. The rest of the games were wins vs people who didn't know what I was doing, one normal score out behind ice and games where I managed to just execute combo turns properly.

@ Standard pod I won 2 rounds and later lost to Akira, going 1-1 against her and missing the mat after failing to realize I could score 7 points in a turn for the win with a double Game Changer.

I want to thank everyone so, so much. This was my first time @ Worlds and I had so much fun, meeting so many people and realizing all those Jinteki and NetrunnerDB handles also have a face and a heart. I want to thank Nisei for hosting Worlds 2019 in Europe, I don't think I would've been able to participate otherwise. I want to thank the italian community for either being there or rooting for us at home. I want to thank all my opponents for the games, it's been a pleasure. I want to thank all the people that were there, for making this such a great community and creating such a competitive environment while keeping it also fun and enjoyable.
Congrats again to Pinsel for the win, all the top cut matches were awesome to watch in person. I hope I'll be able to see everyone again next time, and perhaps also put up a better show.