The kitty and the Laser Raccoon - 19th @ CoL, 216th @ Worlds

koga 722

Yes, yes, I know it's not a raccoon but an african civet, but the way I piloted this pile of garbage @ CoL, Worlds and the Standard pod on Sunday I really felt like I wanted to go back hiding in a trash can.
I should have never betrayed ma' boi Geist and the Criminal crew.

I'm not a Shaper player, but I really wanted to change things up a little bit and finally learn to play some. I've been experimenting a bit with Spec Work in Kabonesa, because you can pull out unnecessary silver bullets for the match up and just eat them to speed up and thin the deck at the same time. I liked the way the deck was going, but it felt like I had soo many slots filled up and there was no room to breathe. That's where this deck comes in. It's one of the usual shaper decks, but with some twists and weird tricks. Don't ask me why, I mean, you should be asking the Apex players what they're doing anyway, don't mind me.

@ Crown of Lasers I was on -1 FTE -1 Feedback Filter +1 Notoriety +1 Takobi, and ofc I got to play vs 2 PE (you can watch me lose vs one of those here), plus one corp I can't seem to remember and 1 NEH (which should be a good matchup for me), going 1-3 (as far as I recall).
I made SO MANY mistakes during the whole weekend, stuff like being one credit short to pull out the tricks I needed to, trashing the wrong card while using Compile and being full MU and so on. At least I can say i learned a lot.

@ Worlds I made another set of mistakes during the day, ending with a 1-6 result, but I also played some very good games where everything came down to a Batty psy (I'm looking at you Swabl). I played against a good deal of Palanas and Weylands, and the deck was ready for those matchup.

@ Standard pod I had some form of redemption, going 2-1. I basically just started playing more loosely, the deck always had my back and I was able to do so much more than previously.

Look, I know there's no D4V1D, I know, but hear me out.
Deus X is so good, it breaks a good deal of annoying ice you'd break with D4 (especially vs Jinteki, which was the flavor of the day) + being able to break anything in combination with Pelangi, while still helping SO much against IG (Ronin) together with Imp.
By the way, that devil kitty has done SO MUCH too, be it vs asset spam, vs Obokatas or SSLs or vs HHNs and other ugly operations coming from HQ.

Scavenges and Rejigs allow you to abuse some of your cards or simply installing Rezekis turn 1 for much less.

As usual, money slots in Kabonesa are a bit tight as you often depend a lot on Rezekis for econ, so I decided to add some Falsified (to help against La Costa) and Kati. I wish I had more copies of Compile too. There's no ProCo, so often you don't draw as much as Hayleys. Having more copies of it helps as it's more recursion and remote pressure. Playing Femme + Pelangi with it also gets you through some ugly remotes you wouldn't be able to get through otherwise.

I'm happy with the deck, not with my performance. As usual there's room for improvement, I'll try to test and abuse soon-to-be-rotated cards more, as there's not much time left for that.

I want to thank everyone so, so much. This was my first time @ Worlds and I had so much fun, meeting so many people and realizing all those Jinteki and NetrunnerDB handles also have a face and a heart. I want to thank Nisei for hosting Worlds 2019 in Europe, I don't think I would've been able to participate otherwise. I want to thank the italian community for either being there or rooting for us at home. I want to thank all my opponents for the games, it's been a pleasure. I want to thank all the people that were there, for making this such a great community and creating such a competitive environment while keeping it also fun and enjoyable.
Congrats again to Pinsel for the win, all the top cut matches were awesome to watch in person. I hope I'll be able to see everyone again next time, and perhaps also put up a better show.