Retired Motivational Speaker (Petrie's Colorado Regional 2nd

TheRyanBurke 1972

How did this get a second place finish? Haha, what?!

My game plan going into the tournament was to sit back, play 3x Underworld Contact while delaying game with The Source + Fall Guy and earn 5c/turn towards Keyhole runs.

The plan went swimmingly until I hit FA decks going so fast I felt whiplash. Unfortunately, against FA decks, I had to abandon plans for free money and play as aggressively as possible with Siphon, HQI, and central harassment. Motivation + Oracle May kept me alive for econ. (Always say "I'm feeling very motivated!" when you peek at your stack. It helps.)

Data Dealer was a one-of in anticipation of mass Shi Kyu play... of which I saw zero.

S&W was included for sniping Caprice, Ash, and Jackson Howard. If your opponent doesn't realize it, you can snipe JH after the HQ run if they don't immediately declare the trash post-run. Only works the first time before they figure it out, heh. Saw zero Caprice and Ash all day.

Shout out to Crash Space- free tag removal and soft Scorch protection is arguably better than Plascrete. I will likely be playing Crash Space over Plascrete in Criminal for awhile.

Toughest matchups were against Jason's HB full of meaty ICE and FA tricks, and the Team Covenant lads' NBN decks. Against those decks, I wished I was playing a more typical Criminal.

Jackson makes this deck cry, just like conventional Noise milling. Hard to snipe all the Jacksons before going all-in with Keyhole mills.

I think there is promise in this deck type, but I'm not sure that I will pursue developing it.

Dropped 2 games in Swiss and it cost me the tournament in the finals against Steven Wooley.

19 May 2014 mplain

Interesting! What's the plan against Midseason + Scorch decks? And do you ignore remote towers completely?

19 May 2014 CrimsonWraith

It was a Midseason + Scorch deck that toasted him in the finals. I think his best bet against those decks is going to be relying on staying ahead of the Corp on credits.

19 May 2014 TheRyanBurke

I didn't realize I was playing against a Midseason + Scorch deck in the finals. Looked like NBN FA, so I played aggressively. Against Weyland decks, I tend to play a longer econ game, which helps immensely against SEA Source setups.

Against remotes, I tend to wait until conditions are ripe- an opening to Siphon and play Crypsis or Inside Job as a surprise.

20 May 2014 skaterforsale

Decoy would help with your Scorch issues ;]

21 May 2014 PeekaySK

Not against Midseason, which is sorta why you're playing that instead of SEA in those decks.