Lady Luck's Chuchu Train (3-4 at worlds)

wowarlok 97

Are you bored of playing long games? Are you fed up with creating huge and expensive remotes? Are you scared you're not good enough to beat the best players and want to find a cheesy way to win? If you answerd yes to an yof theese, I have a deck for you!

Jokes aside this is one of, if not the, fastest corp deck around.

The whole list is devoted to score, make credits and gear check efficiently and it does theese things so quickly that even some of the best runner decks cannot keep up.

To be fair I wasn't expecting such a high density of Clots and it's why I'd suggest to cut 1 Paywall Implementation to play 1 more Cyberdex Virus Suite.

Pro tip: using 2 of your scoring tools and a Fast Track to score the first Project Atlas is generally worth it

Wins against: Smoke, Express and Jesminder Losses aginst: Valencia, Alice, Lat and smoke.

I wanted to thank the whole Nisei group for organizing such an incredible event and not only keeping the alive but also facing forward.

Always be running!