Argzmari (20th at Worlds, 4-1 CoL, 3-3 Main Event)

E.J.Olmos 278

In the Grim Darkness of 2019 There is Only #WarhammerWednesday

Sweet Alt Art ID from HerbartKlopstock

As I had landed myself with NBN for Crown of Lasers I decided to choose my ID based on which I thought looked nicest in the line up Elwin had posted.

Azmari won that so I then had to try and figure out what sort of deck I wanted to play.

I wasn't a great fan of the lists leaning on EOI so tried a few kill plans but none entirely sat right with my playstyle.

I had a think and realised what I really wanted to be playing was Argus so I took the list I had been most recently looking at and made a few changes. Turns out it came 5th at Worlds

-3 Daily Quest for +2 NGO (going up to 3) and an IPO - I was finding DQ very slow and just taking up remote space when I want to be jamming things in there to force runs

-3 Scarcity of resources for +3 Prisec - I was not finding scarcity relevant enough and prisecs are both nasty in a remote and can be fun against Apoc, either hitting the key card or at least leaving them tagged afterwards for a kill

-3 News Hound for +3 Data Raven - With the currents gone this seemed a natural swap

The deck went 4-1 at CoL losing only to Papparazi Dummy Box Liza and I was feeling lazy enough that I decided to just take it to the main event.

It did not do quite as well at the event going 3-3 (Lost to Leela, Jesminder, Leela and beat Hayley x2 and Smoke) but each of the losses were close with me either winning the following turn or being in a strong position so the deck definitely had game.

A big surveyor remote and multiple options to get the kill out coupled with a decent economy and light agenda density alongside some surprise-factor made for a fairly solid plan in each of my matches and I'll definitely be looking further at the list.