Getting Clicks the game

Crunchy 27

18 Oct 2019 N0R5E

This may be the weirdest deck I've ever seen

21 Oct 2019 phyxl01

My friend @Crunchy was looking for inspiration and noticed that Encore existed. He already has really strong deckbuilding chops so he pointed out that the +click cards stack into the encore turn(s!). This started the conversation on making traditionally difficult events fire more often, including encore, Notoriety, and similar make 3 successful run cards.

My only contribution was using Swift and Out of the Ashes for clickless runs, and to include Jak Sinclair for an additional clickless run. Gbahali and Kingomato are usable during Jak runs, so those replace a more traditional breaker suite.

Akshara, Beth, Rachel, and Temple of the Liberated Mind all enable that first extra click, and once that happens this deck really takes off. Apocalypse is a nice get out of jail card, and the now less janky Adjusted Matrix gives a decent target to spend your 8 clicks per turn.

This deck does have an econ weakness, so it's a little bad against trace heavy corps. Card draw issues were mitigated by running out of Lat and 3 Diesels.

The trick is to remember that clicking for coins hurts a lot less when you have 5-8 clicks to spend on your turn, and you only really need to pay to get the hardware and resources out.

21 Oct 2019 phyxl01

For people looking for slots to play with:

If you're good at triggering Lat you can probably lose a Diesel Film Critic is a tech card, and swapping for a different restricted card will likely change the good match-ups Hunting grounds is another tech card, but without any bypass cards I would hang onto it The Apocalypse include could be swapped for something like quest complete, or even imp. But the devastation of being able to fire apoc after jak, swift, and out of the ashes and still having >3 clicks to check servers is a real trip.

21 Oct 2019 Crunchy

After some play testing, I would recommend the following changes: -2 career fair, -1 swift, -1 diesel, +2 Quest Completed, +1 Sure Gamble