Hey listen - Navi (26th at worlds)

Cambro 39

This deck went 4-2-1 at worlds (only played 7 games due to 241 two times). Main plan is not that hard, rush against anything. This deck don’t really have a late game plan. You want money, MG remote and random Ice on HQ, then start jamming agendas and score before the runner have time to do anything. Hope they don’t run filmcritic.

Navi Mimbai City Grid is mostly against shaper who thinks the just need a SMC to get though anything, then you rez a Trebuchet or Bulwark with Navi and the runner is all like pika (It works sometimes)

One of the games I lost was due to the runner stealing both Hostiles and the other I mulligan into 2 Agendas and no Ice and money. Still a fun deck.

Changes to make, Guard didn’t preform at all, no nexuses and inside jobs. Maybe try to fit a neural EMP due to often its easy to punitive them to 0 cards but hard to do it again.