Exile's Last Bin Dive

Cliquil 927

I played this at CoL and was asked for the list and it felt like a good excuse to publish.

It felt like this boi deserved one last journey and it did OK at CoL in the end though with the proviso that I was 100% on fun tables so I think all my opponents were also on their fun decks!

Test Run for Femme is something I'd forgotten how sweet it was, and with Pelangi and Talut you can make Femme be your solution for a double iced server which is super sweet.

Anyway, so long my brave trash prince, I'm sorry I never got you to win.. well... anything

18 Oct 2019 pang4

Sweet to see the old Exile getting some love.

Is Reclaim a card worth considering in Exile? His ability would offset the discard on the card, but maybe it's still too slow.

18 Oct 2019 Cliquil

I think you could probably make some neat interactions out of it but what I tended to find was that I tended to not have cards I didn't want to do something with - especially with Aesops. I imagine if you did a deck more based on fast fast draw & Levy it'd fit in but I don't quite know if I'd be able to make that list.