Matka Polka (2-4 Polish Nationals)

rsh 49

Yet another Aumakua Sunny variant, somewhat underwhelming. Got carried by my Gagarin to top cut.

Lose the Hoppers, probably, they were mostly discarded while digging for stuff.

I miss Deep Data Mining :(

21 Oct 2019 Cpt_nice

Hi, sad to hear this deck didn't work out for. I played a very similar list at Worlds, i assume you saw it? You should definitely include the third Deuces again. It is your best toolbox, since outside of giving you draw + a credit it also synergises with Turtle. I would run more if I could. Also, probably too many hats. Sunny wants to spend the early game setting up. If you draw multiple hats before you are ready to contest, you lose a ton of speed.

How were the No One Home's for you? It is a strong card but it doesn't make the cut for me since it doesn't do anything against some decks.

21 Oct 2019 rsh

Yeah, I lifted some ideas off your list - notably dropping the Data Foldings, that one helped a lot with tempo.

White Hat is, IMO, the best card in the entire Sunny cardpool. I might drop the 2nd Black Hat and rely on TTW more, that one tends to clog up the hand.

Deuces are definitely a great tool, but the deck is really tight on influence so I cut the 3rd one which might have been a mistake. Honestly Aumakua lockout wasn't as much of a problem as just the general econ/tempo - my matchups were pretty much all rush decks with a side serving of AgInf click tax.

NOHs were extremely valuable, if anything I should probably take more of them - they give you a margin of safety vs Weyland kill and safeguard vs Ananasi and Snares. The only matchup where it's a dead draw is HB, which is not represented in our local meta right now.

21 Oct 2019 Cooker

I love White Hat. The ability to shuffle the corp's tag/kill cards they are holding onto (and getting paid from power tap) is probably my favorite part of Sunny. I played a Sunny deck with Class Act for a while to help with burst draw and filtering repeats, but it still couldn't compete with rush or faster kill corps.