Geist 99

koga 557

This has been working, somehow.
It's literally a pile of garbage, but hey, Geist likes that.

This is what I ended up with after looking at the top decks of Worlds and noticing that 81 cards MaxX list that ended the tournament in 24th place. Why not play a Levyless Geist with the same concept of not shuffling cards back?

Cybertrooper Talut is a tutorable link in case you need to stack bin breakers, DJ Fenris for Kabonesa to tutor those or Grappling Hook on command. Tutoring a Bankroll and making 3 runs to load Aumakua is not THAT bad either.

Maybe it's not a good deck but hey, it's LOTS of fun, and you never run out of steam.

Decklist of the week pls thanks bye ^^

25 Oct 2019 Cliquil

Some people joked about this and I thought it couldn't work.

Am pleased to be wrong.

Also tutoring Talut is... amazing . I love it.

25 Oct 2019 valerian32

I have to try it =D

25 Oct 2019 pj20

All this and No District 99!!??

I'm very disappointed, but I like it.

25 Oct 2019 koga

@Cliquil I appreciate it <3

@valerian32 let me know how it goes, there are improvements to be made 100%

@pj20 I'm trying that out too, but this was my first version and I wanted to show some weird stuff right away :P

26 Oct 2019 valerian32

I'd put Abnagale instead of Amina. If you are low on creds it's easier to get by. Saker is cool.

The deck is inconsitent but fun as expected xD