Replicating Kills v2.0 ( Honor before Profit! )

Dydra 2773

Hello everyone. I'm very happy and proud to present to you guys the 2.0 version of my RP deck, which has received some significant changes since H&P came out. I'm currently 12-1 with this deck and I've tried it against a good variety of opponents( including some new stuff like Siluet notoriety+ Quest). So let's begin ... with the changes

Agenda Changes:

  • Philotic Entanglement - it seems I've been too happy with the expansion coming out to read the card properly :) However it's still a great card for the deck and an easy 2 points for your victory. If you've played the 1.0 version of the deck with the Brain Trust splash ( as recommended for more surprise effect), this is pretty much the same, but better for the extra discard that it will cause them. Good finisher for games that you are at match point and you install 0 advance.

  • The Future Perfect (TFP) - an upgrade of Priority Req in this deck. You want this card mostly in your HQ baiting them for several runs making them come empty handed, or hitting some shocks if u have in there. "Caprice" protection if they access it on R&D, which Priorty doesn't have. What this Agenda allows you, is to truly control wetter they steal it or not. If you have 2 PS in hand + Neurals and u check his hand-size and clicks, just bid 0 .... It gets really funny when the runner spends different amount of credits (1 or 2) and doesn't steal it and goes again for it, while already -2 credits on the PS for an Agenda which you already want him to steal :D Install it either when you have your PS+Neural ready in hand u want them to steal it or you have so much pressure that they can't risk it, OR if it's behind a server they can't access.

ICE Changes


  • Nothing ... around here you hear that familiar sound from the wild western movies where around noon there is no1 outside and only dust balls get blown by the wind :D

Code Gate

  • Inazuma - is a some mf mean ICE :D The days where you rush your sentry breaker and run carefree on Jinteki ICE is gone. I guess every1 understands how powerful is with Komainu or Tsurugi. You may want to play a 2nd Inazuma on the place of a Chum or 2nd Yagura. However, i like to have 2 Yaguras so I have a higher chance of hitting them. I keep the Chum generally to combo with Susanoo but can catch up some people off-guard. Feel free to make the Code Gates count preferable to your taste.

  • Why no Shiro? I played around with it and I didn't like it. If this deck had 2-3 snares in it (even as a replacement of shocks) would be better, but with just shocks that can hit u from R*D and maybe some Fetal which u want them to steal ... it didn't make much sense. Especially if they were going to hit that Agenda anyway. Try it out if u like, didn't work out so good for me.


  • Komainu - I've said quite a lot about this card already. Absolute powerhouse in this deck, combos great with Chum and increase count if Parasite is shifting out of your meta.

  • Pup - I was playing 3x Guard instead of this little cutie. Big mistake. This is exactly what you want - drains them 2c regardless of breaker and costs u 1c.

  • Susanoo-no-Mikoto - absolute beast. #1 priority on your main remote. No mimic is getting through there unless u are behind by a LAAARGE margin and even if they do, next turn there will be safe. Combos with Chum and if u have a Tollbooth thrown on your remote as well, the runner might make 1 run on it every 2 turns or so. Obviously, the shocks in this deck are compliment to this ICE. ** The runner must respect Jinteki archives now more than ever ** because of Shi-kyuu, because of Shock, most likely in a non-mill deck 1-2 runs per game would be max and this card send you straight there! lol

  • No Guard?! - Yes, I played around 8 games with 3 guards in the deck and I felt it was the most useless card in it. Inside job doesn't make the impact I thought it will. Especially with criminals have to squeeze in 2-3 Planned Assaults in their decks, it's usually on the place of some Inside Jobs. Femme breaks it for 1 wetter they Femme it or not ... Maybe in a meta deck that relies heavy on Faint, for Notoriety or QC might worth it, but not in my meta currently though.


If that's your initial reaction after seeing it, close the page and go play your 3DS Andromeda :D Jock aside, this is truly the first card that when I hear what people think about it, I can immediately understand how good that person in playing Netrunner is. It's not in faction, so it's not like people from certain factions never played it and don't know how it works. So let me explain why Rainbow is a good ICE in this deck. Rainbow breaks on everything efficiently for its price. It will never stop anyone from getting somewhere, but that's where its beauty is, they will always pay the money to get in. And what does this deck wants you to do? That's right ... pay the money. It's the psychological effect that you can pay and you will do it :P Some decks want to just keep you out while you find your breakers - well this card isn't for them. However, for the taxing decks, like mine, who really want to do something with the tax (and not simply be like "hey, u won't have money to run next turn, I taxed u haha") - this card is absolute treasure!

The Other Cards

  • GRNDL Refinery- you'd want a starting hand either with 2 ice and 1 sundew or 2 ICE and 1 GRNDL. This card is really great in this deck for several reasons, but generally because people don't expect it. I'm always able to resolve it early game, because either they are too afraid to run without breakers in my remote, OR they think I'm hard rush advancing some agenda which will leave me with very few money, or I've put down a trap. I love the surprise on their face when I turn it next turn and get 20+ money. Now this creates a very good psychological game. When you surge with credits like that, putting a Sundew down in the remote where the GRNDL it will make them really less willing to run there and break your Sundew, because " you are already so much ahead " and you will snowball hard from there. It has infinite combo potential with Mushin No Shin, through the entire game. It's completely alright to mushin no shin it naked, if they are brave enough to run it, that costs them 2 clicks and 2 money with the tax on whatever central they ran, for you on comparison it costs only 2 clicks. If they don't, well, better go get that swimsuit, because u will be swimming in money!

  • Chairman Hero - I will try to be short here. In this deck, he is generally an NAPD contract that drains them for 2 more and gives you a couple of alternate possibilities to kill them. There is NO reason to not run 1 of them, because it drains them more than NAPD, gives them 2 points which works with both Punitive Counter strike and Philotic Entanglement!

  • Ronin is back! You can setup a Ronin for 1 turn with Mushin no Shin and this is huge... The main problem Ronin had is that you needed several turns to set him up and this allowed time for the runner to go check him up and u wouldn't want to spend your entire turn advancing just so they can go trash him for 2 clicks.Those times are gone thanks to Mushin no Shin. Now, they have to account for the damage from Neural EMP, PS, Chairman Hero, Philotic Entanglement, hitting a shock here and there AND 3 more from Ronin .... That's a lot! Oh wait, they also have to play Netrunner, setup breakers, econ and run through servers to steal Agendas lol .... u see where I'm going :)

  • Psychic Field - my one of. This is the most replaceable card in the deck. I'd swap it out for June bug or other traps on regular occasions just to keep my opponents off-guard as of what traps in run in my deck. It works great against the Siluet notoriety + quest completed, because if you Mushin no Shin it and they expose, it will cost them the game. The possibility of them discarding their entire hand against this deck is god damn scary lol!

  • Mushin no Shin - I kept him for last, because he is a true MVP here. Takes a huge economical burden off your shoulders for advancing so It's a good way to look at him as an econ card as well. Also creates many mind games by advancing non-advance cards. It combos great with many things in the deck (which I've already explained) and just one of the best cards in the expansion!

  • No- Shi-kyuu?wtf?. That card is great as well and it makes Jinteki Archives one of the most dreaded places in the game! However, do u remember how Chairman Hero has great synergy with this deck? Sadly, Shi-kyuu has a great anti-synergy with this deck. Firstly because you will need him to hit and steal all 3 to make him need 1 more Agenda to score and it works against your Punitive Counter-Strike or Philotic Entanglement, making it rather obsolete!

Well, I think this wraps it up! I'll be formatting the text today and might add up some extra stuff, but that's pretty much all you need to know about the deck. This, like the 1.0, isn't a beginners deck and I'd recommend running it for a while before bringing it at a tournament. I can teach you the different synergies between cards, but I can't tell you what's the best play in each exact situation, so that's something you need to learn yourselves :) I wanted to make a video of me playing, maybe give you some insight of how to play the deck, but sadly I don't have a tri-pod or anything and I will have to ask a friend to stand around with my iPhone for ~20ish minutes recording the entire thing, which you have to admit is rather bothersome.

If you are looking for an easier deck to play, check out my Good Guy Replication! deck (it's published on my profile), which doesn't have all the mind games and calculating that this deck needs, but it's a rather straight forward way to play with having stronger economy and expensive ICE!

As always feel free to leave a like, comment or question bellow, I'll get to it when I see it =)

Cheers, Dydra

19 May 2014 Locke

I'm sorry but this deck sucks. Smart criminals who actually use Satellite Uplink or Infiltration kill your GRNDL. You have very little econ so once that happens or an account siphon or 2 go off its game over for you. I really dont understand how you can win with 3 PCs in the deck with no money? Spend 3 for a straight 5 trace when criminals/shapers can easily beat that. Makes the card useless in my opinion.

19 May 2014 Dydra


Mate, I'm sorry,but obviously you suck at this game ;) First if you play currently Satellite Uplink out of a Blackguard deck - you are bad. Second you are welcome to waste your Infiltration on my GRNDL any time you want, let's see how you will infiltrate the next 4-5 face down remotes. Gonna sac SoT? Great, that's 3 less AS that you will run. Secondly, obviously you've never played with, or against, this deck, because you have a lot of money. I've never had problems with money in this deck, and in 1.0 although I had a bit more economy thrown in there in the form of 3xSubliminal Messaging instead of GRNDL, and whenever I needed to play PS, I had pretty much 20+c.

Also this deck (1.0 I should say) won SC in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, so if you have any doubts about how strong this deck is and if it has money problems ... maybe you should double-check that.

19 May 2014 ttsgosadow

Thanks for the update to this deck! I had made my own variation using H&P cards with it. Ran it in a tournament. Have to agree this deck is hard to pilot; went 4-4 for the day; the lost games I lost to play mistakes on my side. Mainly being too greedy and throwing away my credit lead. It's a cool deck, that still works when your opponent knows what you're up tio.

19 May 2014 Dydra


With the H&P upgrade it gets quite a lot more scary and it's far away from the " I put Plascrete Carapace because he has Punitive Counterstrike - now I'm safe " mentality.

The only game I've lost with this deck was to a Whizzard, who turn 1 AS me, after I ICE-ed my R&D instead of HQ (because had no clue that he was playing AS) and who beforehand knew every card in my deck and that I have 0 tag punishment, so he left ALL of his tags since that Turn 1 (played the same person the day before, but he was running 2 different decks). I've played through 4 AS in a 30min game and was one turn away from winning.

The end game situation was like this - he was at match point, however left with

19 May 2014 Dydra

The end game situation was like this - he was at match point, however left with

19 May 2014 Dydra

The end game situation was like this - he was at match point, however left with less than 5 cards in his heap, he had already burn through all the credit advantage the 4x AS gave him and was trying to DLR me to finish the game (although I had plenty of cards in my R&D). I had 5-6 face down remotes that he was too afraid to run, because I've been burning him with shocks and traps the entire game or would simply run into a Private Contracts that he wouldn't want to give 5c to trash. I had installed Chairman Hero unprotected and Philotic Entanglement behind a secured remote. I knew he was under too much pressure and too many face-down remotes, so I knew he wouldn't run the Chairman. I take up to 5 credits in my turn ( was at 2 or 3 before that) -that's all I need for the Chairman rezz and the PE advance, and with my last click didn't want to give anything away so I take 1 more C. He runs my HQ on his first click, cuz he wants to fish + install his 3rd DLR and mill me 2 cards after, however he pulls the only agenda in hand 20% chance (1 out of 5) and he wins.

That's the worst game I've had with this deck - suffered through 4 AS and Agenda flood, yet still 1 turn away from winning.

That's how scary this deck is.

P.s. Sorry for the spam, it seems "

19 May 2014 Dydra

LESS than 5 breaks the code LOL

19 May 2014 DeMarko

Hi! Can you clarify how Philotic Entanglement is dealing 3-4 damage to the runner? I don't doubt that it's a powerful agenda, but with this decklist, if the runner scores 3-4 agendas, they've likely already won? PE specifies agendas scored by the runner, not agenda points.

19 May 2014 Arnturl

Question for you on this one, hoping to understand a couple of the newer cards a bit better. I thought for Phil E, the damage was calculated by the number of actual agenda cards in the runner's score area, regardless of value. This made me think it would normally include Shi-Kyuu along with things like Notoriety or the Chairmans because they are all "added to the runner's score area as an agenda worth x points." I haven't been able to find any errata on this though. Completely agree that it's anti-Punitive though.

19 May 2014 Locke

LOL it was a Store Championship... thats worse than FNM

19 May 2014 Dydra


WoW! How we haven't seen that one! OMG lol ... Maybe at the time when I saw it I was thinking about a PE deck with 1-pointers and that's why I thought the damage would be so much. The good news I guess is, that it works with Shi-kyuu ... and not only does Shi-kyuu make them lose 1 Agenda point but also adds 1 more dmg on Philotic Entanglement .... that's pretty nuts!


What I wrote above... I'll try to find errata as well, but as I read it, it's per Agenda as well (not per point).

19 May 2014 bubo

I have to say that I've got serious misgivings about this deck, despite your 12-1 win ratio. I've only got a few minutes, so I'm just going to mention some highlights right now.

No mention has been made that Inazuma and Susanoo-No-Mikoto will force the Runner to access the card in the Server/Archive if they are the last card before access. This can be combined with Shock! to make Archive throws extremely painful for the Runner.

Your economy worries me with it's reliance on Phase 2 economy generators. Locke's "suck" statement is a bit too strong for what I'm seeing here, but he has a valid point. GRNDL Refinery and Sundew's are vulnerable during Phase 1 due to the prevalence of Runner aggression and willingness to face check your remotes in addition to expose activities. The taxing structure of your ICE is a valid build, but looking at the list here all I'm seeing that can be rezzed with the initial 5 credits are 2x Caprice Nisei, 1x Rainbow and 2x Himitsu-Bako to actually keep the runner out of your remote. Considering Mushin No Shin's double action cost and restriction against rezzing the same turn, and you end up with a 10% chance of protecting a Phase 1 GRNDL Refinery or Sundew. Private Contracts has the potential to provide Phase 1 economy with it's bursty credits, but it really feels like a good Jinteki economy Operation would be a more efficient use of your actions.

Once you get to Phase 2, your ICE and Asset list really start to shine. However, I'm not following some of the logic presented in your card selection. Punitive Counterstrike and Philotic Entanglement are based on the Runner stealing Agendas, but your combination of taxing ICE and taxing Agendas are focused on preventing the runner from stealing any Agendas. A lot can be said about strategizing the game progression, but it really feels like there should be a more efficient pairing of goals here.

I love Chairman Hiro, and as you can see from my deck list I've been striving unsuccessfully to find a build that can effectively leverage him. However, I just don't see enough of a benefit here to outweigh his risk. There is a limited number of scenarios revolving around rezzing him at the end of the Runner turn to lead into a flatline, but most of them revolve around Phase 3 scenarios where there is high risk of the Runner not only having 6 credits to steal Chairman Hiro, but also of the Runner winning when Chairman Hiro is trashed. Even though Chairman Hiro synergizes with Punitive Counterstrike and Philotic Entanglement, there are far safer ways to implement that kind of synergization which can be employed earlier than Phase 3. Of course, the unspoken minor item here is that Chairman Hiro changes the ratio of scoring cards being drawn from R&D between the Runner and the Corp from equal odds to 18% to 20%.

Shi.Kyu synergizes well with Philotic Entanglement, and makes repeated Archive throws from Susanoo-No-Mikoto a serious problem for the Runner. I feel that you've given Shi.Kyu a bit of disservice in your evaluation. Under the current Agenda mix (counting Hiro as a 2 point Agenda), the Runner needs to steal 4 Agenda cards to make 7 points, or 3 Agenda cards if one of the stolen Agendas is The Future Perfect. All that it takes is a single Shi.Kyu forced onto the player to nullify the Runner Advantage for stealing The Future Perfect and two Shi.Kyu forced onto the player to force them into having to steal an additional Agenda without The Future Perfect. In addition, if Susanoo-No-Mikoto is effecitvely employed then forcing two Shi.Kyu onto the player becomes a lot more common in Phase 2/3. Of course, each of those Shi.Kyu synergizes with the Philotic Entanglement to lead to a Phase 3 flatline on scoring (Shi.Kyu is where the potential 3-4 points from Philotic Entanglement is usually taken from).

19 May 2014 Dydra


Just to complete on some of the preposterous and honestly brain cell killing points in your hateful post...

Who said that if I draw into 2 ICE+ GRNDL/Sundew I won't ICE the remote? Are you going to run into Jinteki ICE without breakers? You die lol. Are you going to waste Infiltration , Inside Job + run on a central - for a total of 3 clicks, 2 cards (one of which u need badly against me) and 4c? I'll take that trade any day. (that's also asuming you draw the cards in question in your opening hand)

You will 1-2 AS me and it's game over for me? Looool ... obviously you've nevered played against Caprice in HQ. Please do AS with 33% chance and try to drain me, just so you get thrown out in front of Jinteki HQ offices, or even worse land it and not trash her, so next time you want to go in, you have 33% again lol.

The things which you say lead me to several conclusions. One, you've never played Jinteki, because obviously you have no idea how strong things like Sundew and Caprice are.Two, you most likely don't have a good Jinteki player (if any at all) in your playgroup, because you would have learned it the hard way. Three, it's completely impossible for you to evaluate Jinteki cards from the new expansions, like Mushin no shin, and how they factor into the Jinteki econ.

I truly hope this is the last stupid post you make, because there are obviously some things you don't understand about the game and you shouldn't give your opinion so strongly about them.

Also, by saying that SC is worse than FNM, you are doing yourself hardly any favor considering the only 2 decks you've post are from an SC as well. Furthermore , Berlin is a huge city and considering it's the only SC posted online from there, I'd assume it had a lot bigger quantity and better quality of players, compared to wherever Corpus Christi is in Texas. If yours SC is worse than FNM, don't jump to the conclusion that's the case everywhere else as well.

19 May 2014 Locke

Well at least bubo can appreciate what I've started. I mean I'm not trying to be ugly but people should be able to take criticism without blowing up.

19 May 2014 Dydra


1) The thing about Inazuma and Susanoo are really obvious, aren't day? Also as I said, I play Shocks! in this deck exactly for that compliment, instead of Snare! for example.

2) You, assume , that the runner knows EVERY single piece of ICE in deck, which is never the case. Those "2 himitsu bako" that I can only rezz during "Phase 1" could just as well be Neural Katanas, Rototurret, Komainu .... many things that only a really unskilled player would do. Therefore you don't really need to worry about them face-checking Turn1 ICE-ed Sundew or GRNDL.

3) If you don't understand how TAXing ICE and Agendas makes synergy with PS, you will never be able to play with this deck. To explain it simply, what happens when they run with 3c and hit NAPD? They try to get back to 4 ASAP run at that place (if possible with the amount of credits they have) and take it. When they steal it and have a happy smile on their face, how many credits they have? - 0! How do u deal with the incoming PS damage and Neural EMPs? No way ... do you see the synergy now? If I really want the runner to steal the Agenda I can throw it out naked and advance it. He steals it - he dies. He doesn't steal it, I score 1 out of 3 agendas I need to win.

4) The calculations on Shi-kyuu for once were useful. Thanks. I'll most likely reevaluate the place of Shi-kyuu in the deck.

P.s. Please don't use stuff like Phase 1,2 or 3, because there is no such terminology in Netrunner and I'd say it just confuses more than saying stuff like "early game" or "late game".

19 May 2014 Dydra


if it was somewhat constructive criticism, like what bubo is trying to do, I might have answered you in a normal manner, like everyone else ... when you just talk shit out of your ass though, while having insufficient amount of knowledge on the matter and insulting ... you get what u got

20 May 2014 bubo

@Dydra Just one more response on this, and I'm leaving this deck alone. I don't want a repeat of our argument of your last Replicating Kills deck.

1) Actually, it took a ruling from a FFG representative to settle the discussion regarding both Inazuma and Susanoo-No-Mikoto, so I don't consider this to be really obvious.

2) I never said the ICE could only be rezzed in Phase 1. I listed them as being capable of rezzing in Phase 1 due to their cost in consideration of the starting 5 credits. I kind of mistated the ratio though, I meant it was a 10% chance of drawing something that you could defend your Sundews or GRNDL Refineries with during Phase 1. I don't know about your meta, but in the meta of most of the people who assist me in testing my decks there are several keypoint strategies for the Runner in Phase 1 to deal with Jinteki. This includes, but is not limited to, hand overdraw prior to run and no program deployment prior to run. These strategies are employed to exploit the fact that the Runner has advantage during Phase 1 and Phase 3. I am not saying these are good strategies for the Runner, but it behooves a good deck builder to acknowledge and plan around common strategies.

3) I did not say that taxing ICE and Agendas do not have Synergy. Rather, you are pairing a damage archetype that is reliant on the Runner stealing Agendas with a defence strategy that attempts to prevent the Runner from stealing Agendas. That is where the synergy works against it (although Shi.Kyo would open this strategy up quite a bit more). This is not saying that it's a bad strategy, but simply pointing out an area that could be made more efficient. If I were trying to build something similar then I would delegate my Punitive Strike / Philotic Entanglement into a backup plan scenario, but that would mean that I wouldn't commit that much influence to Punitive Counterstrike. With the type of synergy that you are building here, I'd look more into Tag 'n' Bag instead of relying on Agenda theft.

4) You are welcome. We may not agree on many points, but it's always good to hear that something I provided helps.

As for use of the Phases, I am going to respectfully ignore your request. The 3 Phase system is used by quite a few people that I discuss Netrunner with, and the specifity of it's definition is advantageous to the vague "early/late" terminology. I first encountered the description of the 3 phases at The Satellite Uplink written by the well known David Sutcliffe, although I'm not sure if that's where it originally started. The Phase system defines exactly when the Phases start, and also where the advantage lies during each Phase. Can you tell me exactly when your mid or late game starts without using the Phase definition?

For those who don't want to visit The Satellite Uplink for the full description, the 3 Phase system is:

  • Phase 1: Early Game - Runner Advantage - The start of the game when the Corporation feels more pressure to protect their servers. The Runner may opt to start building their rig, but a valid alternative strategy is to take advantage of improperly defended Corp servers.

  • Phase 2: Mid Game - Corp Advantage - Phase 2 is reached when the Runner is forced to spend time and resources to pierce the Corp defences. The Runner may have to dig for pieces of their Rig or for the right Event, but the Runner cannot proceed without the expenditure of these resources. Typically Phase 2 is considered to start when HQ, R&D, and at least 1 Remote server have ICE deployed (although cards such as Replicating Perfection change this dynamic).

  • Phase 3: End Game - Runner Advantage - Phase 3 is when the Corp defenses are installed and rezzed while the Runner's appropriate Icebreakers are installed. End Game is considered a battle of economy as the Corp attempts to either tax the Runner into submission or outspend the Runner in the Agenda Point race. While certain scenarios can drag the game back to Phase 2 (such as program trashing) and there is always the threat of flatline, the ability to deploy the tools for these scenarios are heavily reliant on Economy during Phase 3.

20 May 2014 bubo

Oh, one more thing just because I'm a native Texan who actually did live in Germany during his childhood. Corpus Christi does contain a smaller population and land area than Berlin does, but you are failing to account for the number of people willing to travel the distance to play games. Texas has such a large land mass with relatively low population outside of the major cities that travelling to partake and enjoy a hobby is a common thing. I have a feeling that when you balance out the number of players participating, then a single state that is twice the size of the other country probably has comparable player representation at recognized Netrunner events.

I'm not knocking Germany, by the way. I loved my time there, and just wish I was older when I was in Neubruecke to better appreciate my time there. At the very least, if I was older then I would have spent time actually learning the language (which I regret not learning while I was there).

21 May 2014 Dydra


I tried to explain to you what's the synergy in this deck and it works wonderfully, but you just seem to not understand it. How hard it's to understand the the more you drain them via agenda and ice, the less money they have. The less money they have, the easier is to kill them via PS or Neural EMPs ... or anything. Having Agendas that make them give money when they steal or draining them via Psy games, just further compliments that idea. As well as the expensive ICE they go through just to get to those expensive Agendas. Even if I get AS spammed (and that's been quite a few games now), the runner still barely hangs around 5c. I literally have not seen another deck that does this so efficient.

and just to add to the overdrawing "common tactic", let's discuss why it's bad against Jinteki. People muligan hard to get the most optimal starting hand. Are you really going to take the chance to discard 2-to-all of your hard drawn hand, just to "face check" ? Maybe if you are a newbie, no good player will do that. In one of my games yesterday, smartass criminal went to face check after keeping his initial starting draw( hence it's good), I rezz Komainu like a boss, discard his Sentry breaker and Special Order and he got behind for 5+ turns. That's just one example of the many naughty things that Jinteki ICE can do to you, overdrawing or not.

As for the Phases thing, they are just as informative as - early/mid/late game. Saying Phase 1, if the person doesn't know what is ( because he didn't read some made up thing that's not official), would mean quite a lot less than saying "early game", which again he doesn't need to read anything, but will understand. So no, s long as that doesn't become common Netrunner terminology, that's just some BS way to try to look fancy when you say something.

In other news, I played a couple of games yesterday against Siluet with Not and QC and Caprice didn't come up in neither of the 2 games and that made up for some hard times. I'm thinking of either putting a 3rd Caprice or switching 1 of the Tollbooth for 2 Closed Accounts.

Also there are some questions about Chariman working with PS, so I've asked on the forums for Lukasz comment on it. If it appears to not be working together, that means the Chairman most likely will go :)

I tried swapping out 1 Ronnin, 1 Mushin no shin and Psychic Field for 3x Shi-kyuu, it was alright, but didn't feel optimal for some reason. I fee like the extra Ronin and Mushin no shin give you more kill potential.

21 May 2014 JintekiIsJinteki

dydra, this is such funny fail that I had to make an account for it, iv read your lil flame war agains bubo in both decks now. so, you dont believe in testing befire release because its dumb. you dont believe in stats. you dont believe in rhings not written in the manual. you don't believe in people who win at smaller games than you. you dont believe in published authors with years of deck strategy experienc3. you don't seem to believe in logic. why should we believe in you? oh, you went 12 n 1 out of 13 games, but you didnt place? oh, mana curve and card counting are imaginary because they ain't in the manual? all strategy in all games are not worth it because they ainy in the manual?

you cant argue well so you just attack the other people. you'd be a great politician. locke was wrong, the deck doesn't just suck, but you suck as well

21 May 2014 Locke



21 May 2014 rantOclock

Wow, this is the first time I've ever seen this sort of unnecessary hate in a discussion about netrunner. There isn't any reason you can't disagree and remain civil.

24 May 2014 Dydra


Kid, if those arguments are supposed to mean something ... absolute waste of the time to create an account and post them.

I believe quite a lot in logic, thank you, as you can see I've addressed each and every one issue on Bubo's list and I've explained WHY I don't agree with it.

Your post currently is just a less-offensive language flame than @Locke , which again, has nothing to do with the deck, so I will not let you get the better of me.

That's the reason, why I didn't keep on talking with bubo in the other topic, because the things being said have absolutely nothing to do with the decks at hand and I don't have the time neither the will to deal with flame wars.


obviously, the younger audience feels the need to offend on the internet

24 May 2014 Dydra

On posts that matter for the deck, it seems Chairman Hero can't trigger Punitive, so that means he is going to get retired, because does not worth the risk. They have either had steal 2x Agenda + 2x Shi-kyuu or 3x Agenda+ Shi-kyuu and not snipe him or Philotic Entanglement ... which is a lot of IF - IF

Also possible to Ronnin into Neural EMP with Chairman rezz, but that's even less likely to happen.

On the other hand, getting him sniped from R*D is the only way you can lose him, because if you trash him into your own archives,the runner can't steal/trash him from there. If you draw him and he isn't safe in some remote or your hand, you just overdraw and trash him in archives.

Will have to decide for yourselves if it worth the risk, bust for me it loses so much value for this deck without being able to trigger.