Killswitch SportFabrics

knails 492

"I hate it" -The only person who lost to this deck

This was my dumb sports deck for an Aldershot GNK that apparently people wanted to see the decklist.

The idea was to get as many triggers off of the runner accessing but not stealing agendas due to Lakshmi, and to show my opponents Domestic sleepers over and over without spending counters.

The end result was interesting despite the deck not playing at all like I had intended, Killswitch was suprisingly taxing and I'm definately gonna look into Killswitch Sportsmetal in another form.

Originally the deck was supposed to have Eli 1.0 instead of Hagen but I couldnt find them.

17 Nov 2019 rotage

Great to play against this yesterday on stream, where the kill switches started to land, less great was the fact every time I cleared one you played another! :)