#NotMyChampion (2nd Canadian Nationals)

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Hi Everyone. Post nats, I figured liza was still super busted, but the UK list intrigued me. Being on real breakers, cutting the peddlers, and going to 2x paragon was all stuff worth testing, and I was very lucky to get some important feedback from Mike P, Dyer, Spags and Cavis. I originally included 2x emergency shutdown over legwork, but after some last-minute testing with Kysra, I realized that you desperately needed legwork in the Azmari matchup to even have a chance.

I’m just going to cover some changes from my US nats version to this version. I dropped a single game on the day, to a very rushy SSO.

Real breaker suite:

As more people understood how Liza worked, the triple femme suite became measurably worse. I think 1x of all real breakers is the best permutation, and I was really satisfied with them on the day. I played passport over Amina simply because of econ concerns. You’re a centrals pressure deck anyway, and I didn’t find the restriction to be a problem at all. 1 install cost is great!

Cutting Hot Pursuit:

This is another symptom of people understanding how Liza works. With people icing HQ more heavily against me, I found I couldn’t land them as often as I wanted too, and I ended up slotting more dirty laundries to compensate.

Corporate Grant:

This is the busted shit. I didn’t play a restricted card in my original list, but that was a straight mistake. Corporate Grant sings in this list, and you can really put an incredible amount of pressure on the corp. Double dipping with Street Peddlers is great.

Citadel Sanctuary:

With more people on HPT/Self Growth, I needed a way to stay alive. Firstly, Citadel provides clickless tag control, which is great for maintaining tempo. As long as you stay on 3 tags and have four cards in hand, they can’t consult for self growth and HPT you. Secondly, to survive HPT Self Growth in the long run, you need 3 sources of damage prevention on the board. Citadel can act as your third source, while your other two sources need to be Paparazzi.

Cutting Baklan/Drug Dealer

Yeah these are bad cards and I don’t like playing bad cards, so I cut them

Tldr is this deck is pretty busted, and you get a ton of free wins. Jam games with it before it gets mwl’d. If you want tips on playing it, or playing against it, hit me up on slack, I’m usually around.

Special thanks to Mike P, Dyer, Spags and Cavis for testing advice and card choice advice

Special thanks to Kysra for testing advice, card choice advice and emotional support.

21 Nov 2019 Zerothmaxima

I was told there would be a Wexit joke!

21 Nov 2019 FreqKing

Traditional to put your TL;DR at the top ;)