Swiss Cheese Theory

vesper 162

A big part of the core of this deck is @Armored Ascetic's Cantrip Comet Chaos, but the shell has been augmented to deal with the new MWL and an interesting meta at the DracheNäscht Winterturnier 2019.

The general idea is:

  1. Set up as fast as you can, in order to threaten remote rush

  2. Steal an agenda (preferably a 3-pointer); while moneying up (Cache is best frenz with Spec Work)

  3. Finish things off with the Insight-Freedom Through Equality (via Comet)-Top Hat combo on R&D, with the help of Stimhack if need be

This deck may have some issues surviving a constant Hard-Hitting News barrage, so you better be smart or lucky (or slot a Kati Jones, like a wise person said)

I'm neither a good crafter, nor an amazing player, so I'll just take this opportunity to thank the venue and its staff for being cool, the awesome TO and judges for organizing and making sure everything is splendid and taken care of (it was!), the other "foreign visitors" for their company, everyone attending for their camaraderie on my first visit to Bern (and making me feel like home); and the city for being a hidden jewel. You all rocked!

I had a great time and will definitely have fond(ue) memories of this fun event.