Being rude is fun (4:0 in Diversified Portfolio GNK)

Longi 1445

As the Diversified Portfolio format is supposed to be about fun and trying underrated ID´s I got myself a goal to try out all Criminals and Weyland ID´s I did not play at standard tournaments.

For this GNK I chose Outfit as my corporation as I always wanted to try it out and I could afford it as my runner attributed score was low (I chose Silhouette).

I chose to build a variation on Boreira´s Rude deck as it offered so many ways to punish runner (meaning having fun for the corp player). And boy, I did not regret. I won all 4 games (against Ken, another Silhouette, Gnat and Omar) and all of them were kills (twice by Snare, once by Boom and once by Punitive). Being mainly rush player who always scores as soon as possible it was an interesting change.

22 Nov 2019 boreira


22 Nov 2019 Cucin

Congratulations to your victory. I am interested about when we will play against :-) So many tournaments so far and still I didn´t have opportunity to play against you. I think I have to be better first than I have more chance to meet you in some round.

22 Nov 2019 Longi

@boreira Thank you, ¨foth for the congratulation and cool deck;

@Cucin Do not worry, you will get better and my luck will run out eventually too :D