Builder of Nations, 21st@CoL (4-1, ikr!?)

simili 326

Published for ABR fame

I had a fun idea for Crown of Lasers, and it turned out to be crazy fun!

Digital Rights is stupid with CWP.
Splicer is stupid with Dedication.
Masvingo really finds its place in Builder of Nations, and actually becomes quite a solid piece of ice.
And oh wow, Snare! is influence so well spent in a 44-cards deck.

Would probably cut 1xCayambe and 1xNGO to make room for the third Dedication and one more piece of ice.
Unsure about Consulting, can’t remember playing it..
Would not cut Preemptive, gotta keep those Snares circulating!

”Oh, damn, was that your fourth or fifth Snare!?” -Queenindanorf

26 Nov 2019 anarchomushroom

Hot damn this looks wild. I'm kinda tempted to try this out at Nats next week.

29 Nov 2019 simili

Do it!! An answer to Film Critic would be a good idea, I think - maybe Under the Bus.