Engolo Scammer - 6th @ Italian National 2019

Berzelius 164

This is the deck I've brought to the Italian National 2019 (23-24/11/2019). It's a slightly modified version of Rotom's one, with some tech cards.

Here's a small report.


  • Round 1 loss vs Dragar's Sportsmetal: he was faster than me and I made some mistakes.
  • Round 2 win vs T4ng' Argus: two early siphons gave me the edge.
  • Round 3 win vs Klark's Palana: a really long match. He managed to score 4 points but, at that point, I had everything setted up, ready to charge up wheel tokens and to snipe the remote. PAD Tap + Palana is hilarious.
  • Round 4 and 5: ID.


  • Round 1 (corp) win vs Darta.
  • Round 2 (corp) loss vs koga.
  • Round 3 loss vs ar00ndell's Azmari: I had a good start, but at some point I made a mistake, ending the turn with a tag. At that point, I panicked, making a lot of other mistakes. One of the worst match I've ever played. @ar00ndell, I'm really sorry about that.

Thanks to Porkobolo and Atien for organizing this amazing tournament.

Always be "dio dio dio dio dio dio dio"ing.