Red Sea Urchin 1.3

N0R5E 286

House of Knives and Mamba will build up guaranteed mid-run damage. Combo this damage with Musashi or Data Loop on the remote to create your scoring windows or with Hanzo on centrals to convert it to brain damage, indirectly defending your remote.

Medical Research Fundraiser is better than Celebrity Gift since the runner is taxed on cards more than credits.

Wake Up Call and Sadaka handle the techs against this deck. (Hunting Grounds, Feedback Filter, Caldera, hand size consoles, Film Critic)

Mausolus, Yagura, Mamba, and Kakugo all fire that single point of net damage needed to trigger Tori Hanzo. Combo with a Nisei token and she hangs around to deliver a second brain damage if they try the server again.

Breached Dome defends Archives so they aren't constantly checked, allowing Preemptive Action to handle agenda overflow and recur econ, Ben, Tori, and Sadaka. Also helps against Aumakua, Stargate, Maw, and Alice.

This deck slows down the runner, creates scoring windows with net damage, and locks out 9 of your 20 points with Obokata. The threat of on-demand net damage from HoK and Mamba should loom over them as it exists everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.