Tempo ACME: Redux

iref 124

Brno Netrunner group had its regular Diversified Portfolio tournament last week. Going into tournament I had no idea what to play so naturally I started to browse through low-cost IDs on NRDB. Hoping to find deck that is unusual, fun but can actually win game or two and I found hidden gem in @qvm's CoL ACME deck that puts interesting twist to classic ACME kill package by mixing tempo CTM and ASA style with some ridicoulous ice. After playing two games on J.net going 1-1 I decided it's "good enough" & fun and took it to tournament. The only change I made was to switch 2 Hydra's for 2 Data Ravens because ice suite is already expensive and data ravens keep all ice active event if it isn't in outer most position.

The deck performed pretty well going 3-1, beating Ian, Quetzal, Silhouette and losing to another Silhouette. Pretty much all games were really close and intense so my grade is 10/10 "would play again".

Thanks again to @qvm for posting deck in the first place.