Codor 2 - The Second Door

mcbeast 1012

So I created a stupid CtM deck with Door to Door, and after more than 100 games with it I decided to build something new, something the world has never seen before - a Gagarin deck with Door to Door.

The basics is just a copy paste from the CtM version: Aryabhata Tech, Macrophage, some clickless econ, card filtering, econ control and asset destruction.

Agenda suite is simple: SSL functions as an econ card, SDS is quite nice to put behind an Assassin when you have the prison lock set and Divested Trust works as an extra layer of protection of your agendas.

There's some flex slots with what ice to use, but three Macrophage is a no-brainer together with Aryabhata Tech.

Feel free to improve and remember - Control all the Doors!