NEXT Silver's Final Ride

spags 7811

Have fun rushing hard with NEXT Silver before it rotates. Install and advance, pushing out a quick Gold or Diamond with Remote Enforcement. Perhaps you can even get a rare Batty/Gold win.

3 Dec 2019 spags

FWIW, went 37-10 on JNET with this, which means close to nothing.

3 Dec 2019 CryptoGraham

You should have lied and said it was Undefeated on JNet. DOTW ez

4 Dec 2019 Skandrino

For rush. would definitely add mother goddess. Would need to replace gfi by architect deployment test (also synergy with la costa grid), could then consider 1 bifrost array and 1 haas pet project which are also rotating. Then with the 3 spare influence, add third batty or switch to NEXT design id.