AG Power 3.4 (Undefeated on Slavic Nationals)

Trismagistos 49

This is a deck I took to Slavic Nationals. It helped me secure second place as it did not drop a single game.

In swiss it defeted Smoke, Kabonesa, Valencia and Liza (this was an unofficial match because we IDed). The shining star was Slot Machine as it helped me win two games. In first on it gave me 3 kredit which was exactly what I needed. In the second game it helped me score Obokata. It's incredible when it saves you 3 clicks and 3 credits.

In cut it won two games. First was against @Dante and his Smoke. It was a very tight but when you have Border Control each game is much easier :-). In second game it defeated Liza in about 45 seconds when @t.p. ran his with his second click with Dirty Loundry into Cortex Lock having only three cards in hand :-D
9 Dec 2019 Longi

congrats on the second place, man;)

10 Dec 2019 Cucin

Congrats to your big performance man:)