The Full 'Yote (2-2 @ Sheriff of Servers)

branimated 486

The Runner trying to get to 7 points

The Fully Operational Acme list is pretty much a known quantity at this point, but I'm still having fun with it and I think this version is pretty sweet, even if my record was merely okay.

For those of you who are new to the concept, it's pretty simple. Data Ward is an absurd piece of ice if you're tagged when you encounter it, so putting it on top of a remote (or by itself) is an efficient way to start baiting runs and scoring points. The rest of the list is about making value remotes, and Fully Operational for draw and credits when we're looking to land a SEA Source or something like that.

Sheriff of Servers was a team tournament with the usual stipulations (3 member teams, no faction repetition, table talk allowed) run by the inimitable Uruz, who will be getting more props later.

The Games:

Round 1: Iain Stirling (Jeff)

After double checking with the judge to verify what year it was, I set myself to the task of rushing out an old man. He seemed reluctant to install breakers for much of the early game, so I started putting agendas into my score area. I suspected he might have a cool friend who would mess that up for me, so I wanted to get to 7 sooner rather than later. I walled up R&D in case of a Khusyuk, but it just never happened. I fed him a GFI or two and then set up a SIU + EOI combo in the remote. At least, I think that's what happened, I have a terrible memory for matches. Win!

Round 2: Adam (Rain)

I started with a Daily Quest behind an IP Block, which ticked away happily while Adam ransacked R&D with RNG Key. I installed a Slot Machine on R&D to blunt Adam's econ, and a 15 Minutes behind an unrezzed Data Ward. As luck would have it, I hit all 7s on the Slots, triple advancing the 15 Minutes, which didn't entice a run. So, I scored it next turn and added a Beale. Adam came into HQ at some point and hit a Crisium Grid that I had lying around, nuking 5 credits and putting him on the backfoot. I used the opportunity to score a 3/2 Beale and then I started advancing a new one. I'm usually too timid to go for Large Beales, but I with no Corroder in sight, I decided to go for it. AA. AA. 4 point Beale! Win!

Round 3: Liza (Sam S)

Yeah, that Sam S. Chiefly known for shitposting on Slack and designing Crowdfunding, Sam also occasionally shows up to perfectly fun events to win them. Ridiculous. Also, his team was stacked. When I saw the pairings I knew that my team had flown to close to the sun, but I intended to make a go of it. Unfortunately, I didn't have any specific tech for Liza, so after some highly technical plays resulted in my score area containing a 15 Minutes and an Exploda (Exchanged after collecting the 5c, natch), I watched my credits dwindle to nothing, my agendas get Stargated into the bin, and I bled out on R&D. So it goes! Sam's a pretty good player, who knew? Loss!

Round 4: Smoke (Jaxon)

Not one, but two Netrunner Notables in this writeup! The Queen Bee himself was top seed on his team, and regrettably, so was I. Looking back, I think I made some bad choices with respect to ice placement that really hurt me. I led with Architect on R&D and Data Ward on an empty remote, and then proceeded to have everything I cared about trashed out of HQ. Anyway, by the time I was starting to get my act together, Jaxon had a Beale and a Food and I was forced to Exchange my AR-Enhanced for the Food to even up the score a tad (forced is a strong word here). I mismanaged my budget and eventually Smoke got enough accesses to win, which is one of the main ways to win as a Runner. Loss!

All in all, it was a good day of Netrunner, with laughs and furrowed brows in equal measure. My heartfelt thanks to my teammates @daine and @tavitavi for their valorous efforts that brought us with 2 match points of 3rd place, the other 4 teams of people who drove 2-3 hours from Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio (I think) for a team tournament in DECEMBER, and to @uruz for putting it all together. Can't wait to do it again next year!