You Wouldn't Download a Hopper

joaofcv 22

This deck is... uneventful.

Use DaVinci to install your expensive stuff. DJ Fenris into Hayley. Prognostic all the things. Technical Writer is your economy. This has a lot of draw.

Warning: this is jank, and yet to be tested. Probably improved by adding sure gamble and using the last bit of influence.

18 Dec 2019 miaxari

This looks just about my level of deep fried bonkers. I want to play it.

19 Dec 2019 Nem0

Drop Recon Drone and replace with 1x Turning Wheel. Sorts out your multi-access issues. Love the no-event idea though.

20 Dec 2019 Skandrino

Looks nice! Reaver and Wasteland seem mediocre though (strictly worse Tech Traders that cost influence, more creds and in the former case MU). If you're running Grappling Hook why not combine with Kongamato?

Check out my variant: