Shell game... IN SPACE!

pang4 831

Shell game with only one shell. The game is back on, and this time we're in space.

There is an amazing moment in Netrunner, when all your expectations are turned on their head. When you ask yourself "hold on, what am I playing against?". It happens when someone installs a Beach Party, or when you steal a Reeducation off R&D. Against this deck, that moment comes when they see their first Kakurenbo.

We wanna protect our centrals with Cayambe Grid and angry angry ICE. Afshar and Akhet can be Hippo protection if you place them properly.

The remote is the spicy thing. Flip the ID as soon as you're ready to make a play for it. The runner must then not only ask themselves if they want to check it, but also if they want to pay SIX CREDITS to check it. What if it's a junebug? What if it's an NGO? We have 8 traps (including NGO) and 9 agendas, so the odds are not the greatest for the poor runners. Ghost Branch is pure scare tactics, making runners tax themselves ridding themselves of tags.

Kakurenbo is better than Mushin because we can actually use it. If we have anything in or protecting our remote, Mushin cannot be played. Kakurenbo can also reuse past traps, so that's nice ^^

20 Dec 2019 peacho

Other options for the Ghost branch >>> Reversed accounts or Gene splicer?

20 Dec 2019 pang4

Gene splicer is pretty awesome as an idea, actually. Gotta try that in the next iteration ^^

1 Jan 2020 TyrellCorp

Pour one out for Shattered Remains