Comrades Val

CritHitd20 2153

Remember when Inject and D4 rotating was gonna kill Anarch? Me neither. This deck feels amazing and I suspect it will continue to improve as people discover optimizations.

Notes on the deck and play: Mulligan for Keiko and Poemu and card draw. Don't worry about sandbagging credits on Poemu; once you have Keiko out you're going to make more by installing every turn to trigger Keiko. It is possible you're supposed to run a second copy of Taka to find it more reliably and alternate between turns using Poemu and Taka. I don't want to play Maemi and Poemu in the same deck as while they are both great it doesn't shine with these cards.

I am increasingly confident that you want MkUltra over Odore and/or Datasucker over Aumakua but this is what I'm playing right now. Also no Stimhack seems insane but I'm already at 46 and don't know what to cut. Maybe this should just be in Val. :P