Creativity Bomb Buffers

errantmage 341

This is mostly standard Adam good stuff with a few new tricks using Buffer Drive (as discussed with the kind people in the Adam Lounge):

  1. Fatal Creativity Buffers: The first trick is a very cheeky interaction between Buffer Drive and Emergent Creativity: when you trash a program with Emergent Creativity, Buffer Drive triggers, allowing you to add that program to the bottom of your stack. Then Emergent Creativity finishes resolving, allowing you to install that program you just binned. When combined with Femme Fatale, this means Emergent Creativity + Buffer Drive gets you a free Femme if you have one in hand without placing one in the bin.

  2. Buffered Safety Bombs: Safety First says you can draw a card at the end of your turn if you're below max hand size. Before that happens, you can remove Buffer Drive from the game to make that card any card you'd like out of your bin, including a Logic Bomb you used during a run on your last click. In my opinion, in conjunction with the other combo above, this makes Buffer Drive a strict improvement over Reclaim in Adam lists.

I haven't had a lot of chance to fine-tune this list (and and HHN matchup is challenging without misdirection), but I definitely think that Buffer Drive is a great card for Adam, and I'm hoping to roll this list into an SC season runner deck.

6 Jan 2020 Stoned44

Buffer Drive works for Brain Cage as well 😉

7 Jan 2020 errantmage

It sure does! And Stimhack, too! (If the interested reader wants a Brain Cage, which can be an excellent addition, I might suggest replacing a Multithreader with one.)

8 Jan 2020 Vortilion

Seems like Weyland's Blue Sun is the perfect counter for this deck....

10 Jan 2020 raouldukelives

Which directives do you use with this?

10 Jan 2020 @Bookkeeper

@raouldukelives I don't mean to speak for @errantmage but it seems everybody playing Adam picks the ones that are not Always be running now :) Making it: Find The Truth, Safety First, Neutralize All Threats - especially here, some matchups can be tough against a deck that punishes early and often runs, such as NBN CtM, Argus, some Azmari etc.

12 Jan 2020 FreqKing

I played Adam for the first time only a few weeks back, despite having payed the game for several years. Adding Buffer Drive was one of the few changes I made to the list. The recursion alone is great value even if nothing comes together combo wise.

12 Jan 2020 Mr_Console

As a long time Adam player, that has done well at events (store champs, regionals, nationals) with Adam decks, you pretty well don’t want to use always be running as a directive when you start. There are always a few exceptions, one of them being against some PE decks where a reduced hand size makes it hard to stay alive, race them or steal early obokatas. This isn’t universal for all PEbdecks though. The might occasionally use it against a sports metal if I know they have not real punishment for running, but even that’s very match dependent and you really need to understand how abr changes your deck, especially if it’s not built around it.

14 Jan 2020 errantmage

I almost never play Always Be Running. I've done it on occasion against Titan, if I know they don't have a kill package, but I almost universally would rather have the card draw and HQ Interface effects than a frankly too-costly click/break effect.

23 Jan 2021 Raiddinn

I really like the idea of having a breaker already installed at game start (ABR), but I recently switched my deck to stop using it and play Safety First instead.