Boomer Adam

MrBuggles 275

Not too much to say here, it's Adam with Boomerang. Try not to get matched up against RP with Flower Sermon - they'll laugh as you are forced to trash assets out of HQ so you are too poor to contest the ones on the board, and then they'll score a Flower Sermon and turn of FTT.

Never again @percomis!

13 Jan 2020 Terje

Been trying to make a Boomerang build but been scared of dropping Misdirection, so finding influence for the second one has been a struggle.

13 Jan 2020 MrBuggles

This was for a team tournament, so I just rolled the dice on not facing too much HHN. The one time I did I managed to float tags while increasing hand size, but didn’t manage to squeak out the win. This was against Pinsel though!

The Buffer Drives really didn’t do much for me, so maybe you cut them unless you expect a ton of people on SDS.

13 Jan 2020 Terje

Yeah, I'm liking the Buffer Drivers in theory, but so far they've fallen into the needless recursion category for and I've not actually installed one. Its like my testing with Rip Deal all over again. I'm gonna try a build with Ika and Buffers as I love that wee icebreaker more than I should.