Herbal Cigarettes (4th at German Nationals)

hermes 130

Nothing special. Get your breakers and a Net Merkur down, try to lock the remote, and whenever possible dig in RnD.

17 Jan 2020 Cpt_nice

What made you opt for R&D Interface against Khusyuk? And you didn't miss Mantle?

17 Jan 2020 hermes

1) I don't really have a good target cost for Khusyuk.

2) I want to access as many cards as possible from RnD.

3) Against decks that are light on ICE, RnD Interface shines and can apply pressure from early on.

4) Sometimes you can lock R&D. With the Modded, even installing them didn't cost me a lot most of the times.

17 Jan 2020 hermes

With 3 Merkurs and 1 Taka, I am almost never low on stealth credits. And not using Mantle allows me to not have a console. With Astrolabe out, I couldn't find any console I liked enough to include in this deck.

18 Jan 2020 Odol

That is pretty much how I see Smoke with the current card pool as well. As a paranoid player I will probably cut one of the Katis to make room for a second FC while testing this build, but other than that all the choices look solid to me. Thanks @hermesfor showing how Ele can still rock post rotation :)

18 Jan 2020 hermes

@Odol Cutting one of the Modded is also an option for including a second FC. An early Kati can make a big difference, so I would not go to one.

18 Jan 2020 Swiftie

Do you get enough value out of the Modded?

19 Jan 2020 Late

"Wir sind Top Cut! Je suis Top Cut! Siamo Top Cut! είμαστε Top Cut!" Rcg 11.01.2020 ;-)

20 Jan 2020 GameOfDroids

Is the buffer drive just for the net damage matchup? Do you use it for recurring something? I can't quite tell what I should do with it.

21 Jan 2020 hermes

@GameOfDroids Yes, the Buffer Drive is there because I was expecting Jinteki matchups. It turns out I had only one, and it good work :) This slot is flexible, though.

21 Jan 2020 Shorty

Great deck & overall performance!

21 Jan 2020 hermes

@Swiftie Yes, but maybe 3 of them are too many. I think 2 of them and a Compile (for early pressure and Simulchip shenaningans) is better.

21 Jan 2020 hermes

@Late, @Shorty Thanks guys. It was a very fun tournament indeed!