Stalked from Orbit (1st at Munich GNK)

Late 258

Hi Peeps,

before German Nats, I was pretty unmotivated and didnt really play much or had any kind of Inspiration for a Deck. I loved to play a deck with Off the Grid and Crisium back in the day, so I thought to give Earth Station a go and set out to recreate that old Deck. I tried a lot of different Versions of Earthrise, with Crisium, La Costa, Jinja and Cayambe as well as different run punishing options like HHN, Punitive etc.

In the end I lost a lot of games and was totally disheartened so I decided to spectate some games. I found the Player McBeast playing Earth Station, watched one or two games and talked a bit with him, in the end he shared his Deck List with me without protest. Thanks for that - I made a few changes, took out the ice walls and a Collossus to put in more masvingos and and akhet, some strong HQ ice not needing advancements, a thimblerig so not too bother too much when you have to place an ice badly - you might be able to switch it later... which made me lose the Digital Rights management and go for Fast Track, which has its advantage in that you can biotic twice, fast track, install agenda and red planet couriers if you have 13 Credits, letting you score a 5 3 from the deck foregoing the chance to look for an agenda in order to install a ngo into the remote and drag the runner through.

The Deck went okay at German nats definately winning more than my Runner, but ultimately i placed 51st, which made me comfortable enough to bring it to a GNK and not feel tooooo tryhardy ;-)#

Well I think it's a fun deck to play and thanks again to McBeast for freely giving me his decklist!

So long and thanks for all the Fish, Late

P.S. Thats the tournament played with it: