Az and Az (Part 1 of 2) 1st place out of 8, Q4 2019 Pittsbur

Breaker0neNine 131

Went 2-1 with this runner deck at our post-Uprising Q4 GNK. Lost a game vs Jinteki Biotech that went to time, could have went either way. Won a game vs ACME largely due to incredible fortunate single R&D accesses so I guess that evens out. Final game vs Hyoubu I had econ rolling early and was eventually able to remote lock and win.

Ended up in a three-way tie for 1st after Swiss, strength of schedule gave me the overall win.

Many thanks to Dirjel from the GLC discord server for the basic deck idea. He smashed me with it in a 3x Syscore + Ashes game and then was kind enough to share the decklist so that I could update it to Standard for the Pittsburgh GNK. Might be better out of 419 with turtles, but I tried it that way and wasn't thrilled. Az is probably only worth 8 or 9 credits total but you get most of those credits early which really helps with tempo.

Oracle May + Paragon is an obvious combo, combined with Cybertrooper and Dreamnet you can click twice for a total of 4 creds, two cards, and an access. Add in Paule's for cheap, instant installs of Boomerangs or bypass breakers or interfaces, and a couple of other useful connections to support Paule's, and the late game engine becomes fairly oppressive. Didn't have to play against any rushy Weyland, so that helps.

Deck ended up being 46 cards because I am indecisive when building runner decks. Could not decide what to cut. Again. Its a problem, and I'll need to seek help eventually. :)

My thanks to the organizers and all my fellow players and opponents for a great night of Netrunner!

18 Jan 2020 Breaker0neNine

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