Az and Az (Part 2 of 2) 1st place out of 8, Q4 2019 Pittsbur

Breaker0neNine 131

Went 3-0 with this corp deck at our post-Uprising Q4 GNK. Won vs 419, Wu, and Hoshiko. Ended up in a three-way tie for 1st after Swiss, strength of schedule gave me the overall win.

Always liked the concepts behind the old scorched earth Supermodernism-style Weyland decks, this is my non-Argus attempt at porting that playstyle to the modern era.

To play the deck, score False Leads as early as possible. Take advantage of the HHN threat, leave R&D or HQ undefended early, even score it turn 2 behind an unrezzed Pop-up window if you have to, but score it somehow. False Lead helps both the kill plan and the scoring plan: Mainly, if you land HHN you can keep most runners to two tags by forfeiting the agenda after click two, setting up the BOOM. Alternatively, False Lead lets you transform one agenda point into 3 by IAAing a 5/3. If the runner doesn't run on it click 1 or 2 then forfeit False Lead and end the turn, then score the agenda.

Bellona is just very good, and was definitely MVP the night of the tourney. Exchange of Info give another consulting visit target if runner manages to be immune to meat damage or trash all of the BOOMs, or just decides to not remove one tag for any reason.

Liked the way the deck played out, probably could give up a BOOM or Econ warfare for a third Surveyor or an Afshar but I really wanted to ensure the kill strategy was viable. Daily quest would have been great if I could have found room for it, as you are only ever building one remote and supporting it with very taxing ice, but in J-net testing NGO was very effective at drawing runs and creating a credit differential so I went with that instead and did not regret it.

My thanks to the organizers and all my fellow players and opponents for a great night of Netrunner!

18 Jan 2020 Breaker0neNine

for part one see

19 Jan 2020 jamesmarcus

Congrats on the win!

3 Feb 2020 Thike

I feel like BOOM #3 could be Archived Mem + Crisium?

15 Feb 2020 Breaker0neNine

@Thike absolutely, I wasn’t worried about apoc in my meta on the day but crisium would be a great add to ensure that trying to apoc just hurts the runner rather than hurting you, and archived men is always good anyway. There are probably tons of things Boom #3 (or even #2) could be that are good for the deck and that might even lead to more wins overall. That being said, more than once during jnet testing I had someone trash one or two booms then go tag me and be really surprised that boom #3 existed in the deck. Take it for what it is, but going all in on the kill strat seemed like the right idea to me considering the backup scoring plan for the deck is very strong.