Chonks v4.0

GingercredMan 92

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I've been having some good fun toying with this list. The plan is to get lots of huge bioroid ice out as cheaply as possible and score agendas. Good old fashioned fun. Since nearly everything in the deck is focused on bioroids why not throw all of AoT's influence at Batty and try firing off some of those punishing subroutines.

30 Jan 2020 hemraa

That's a lot of chonks!

30 Jan 2020 Caedus

Feels like with that many ICE it's hard to not put Jinja City Grid in!

30 Jan 2020 Acatalepsy

This is great. I may need to try it out ASAP.

How does the economy run? How many servers do you typically have? Do you find the Brain Taping Warehouse does a lot of work, or do you find yourself wishing you had some other economy?

31 Jan 2020 GingercredMan

@Acatalepsy I've found the economy surprisingly good, the ID ability provides a ton of value and slows down early aggression which gives you a bit of breathing room for the campaigns.

Brain Taping is admittedly quite variable, sometimes it provides good value (particularly paired with the ID ability) and sometimes the runner will avoid running with many clicks remaining (which can be a benefit in itself but is hard to quantify). If the runner bothers to run and trash it for 4 credits I usually feel like I've come out ahead. I expect IPO or Jinja City Grid would be more consistent.

Usually I play with one stacked scoring/campaign server and a single iced server for brain taping or extra campaigns. If it's not going to cause problems I'm happy to put any extra brain taping's out naked and let the runner decide what to do with them.