SSO: Fueling Winrates (undefeated at Ghent GNK)

Skandrino 81

This deck went 4-0 at a GNK in Ghent. My runner did less well but still finished 3rd overall (out of 16 participants). Great tournament organisation as always.

This deck feels like a monster. With Uprising I think SSO is one of the best corps out there.

Turn 1 should often be Scarcity (strongest card in the whole game), a barrier and a faceup agenda for 3 counters on the ice. As most runners can't get in straight away, you quickly build up a few triple-advanced ice.

Mass Comm and 3x Archived Memories give tons of money (also for Punitive). Cayambe isn't there to add counters; just leave it unrezzed until they approach the server, rez and make them pay, rez Formicary from another server and make them pay again. Then you can even still pop Border.

And in those rare cases where a runner actually has enough money for all of that, Batty+Colossus is usually GG when it fires (2/3 of the time) since you normally trash 2 programs (incl killer) and 2 resources (incl Film Critic if they have it).

Bio Vault would also be nice to advance for free with Hollywood Renovation and Akhet but Batty is just broken.

Card interactions: Masvingo is great anti-boomerang tech, Akhet can advance City Works Project while they run so it becomes even more Punishing. 1x Consulting Visit can fetch the first Mass Comm which you then recur. Under the Bus to tech against Film Critic is not really necessary (and neither is RPC+Biotic which is much better in Earth Station).

Enjoy it while it lasts (before action is taken against Scarcity)!

8 Feb 2020 Cluster Fox


10 Feb 2020 114141

the only shame is that jnet breaks during the Formicary interaction. It was great playing your list against you

10 Feb 2020 Skandrino

It was an honour to lose against it and to pay 30c on one run! Hoping they fix it on Jnet before/when this becomes top meta :D