Stirling, Cooper, Draper, Price

hypomodern 209

Hybridized my SCDP deck with some Retired Motivational Speaker seminars, and this is the result!

This deck is really weird, and I don't have a huge range of experience with it. It has crushed Weyland's face, but I've yet to face CI or NBN FA builds with it, so I wouldn't say it's a finished product.

Iain is an interesting runner: he wants to get behind while he builds board position and an unassailable pile of money (I've generated a 30c+ bank in every game so far), and then when it is danger-zone time he goes into glacially-paced go mode.

More testing is definitely in order here.

22 May 2014 mplain

Looks like this deck really wants Donut. But, of course, there's nothing to cut. So:

  1. How do you fare against Cerebral Imaging? Is Keyhole + the Source enough?

  2. Is it really worth to have Iain here over Andy?

  3. Why Crash Cpace instead of NACH?

22 May 2014 prozz

insta like for the deck name!

22 May 2014 hypomodern

@mplain crash space has been good to fend off some punitive counterstrike threats.

22 May 2014 hypomodern

Donut would be an interesting test over ProContacts. I've rarely used ProCo, TBH, so I'll try that.

I'm also still not sure any of the Criminal IDs are better than Andy ;). But I'm testing them anyways :)!

22 May 2014 killionaire

I don't think this deck can do it. It's got only one card that does multiaccess, besides Keyhole, which it has no memory to support. What good is a little extra money, when you can't score points? :(

Of course it'd bear testing, but I think this deck is trying to do too many tricks at once. A problem I'm generally guilty of as well.

23 May 2014 TheRyanBurke

In testing of RMS v2, I've dropped Pro Contacts and increased the priority of obtaining Motivation + Oracle May.

I also dropped Crash Space for NACH to reduce the clicks consumed by Account Siphon, since Iain generally has more money than clicks. NACH is a great fit for this style. I think either Crash or NACH works here though!

Do you find Calling in Favors to be a value add? It's a ton of cash, but with all the passive income and May/Kati, I never seem to need the surge.

23 May 2014 hypomodern

In my limited testing I never really felt a need to Siphon (I think I used one over 4-5 games), so I traded it out for Calling in Favors. If I play against more opponents and find myself wanting dat siphon.

I only went for ProCon once, so I'm on board with using that influence for more Oracle May or Donut. As mentioned, I've only really faced Weyland and HBFA with it, and it's done quite, quite well there.

I like the crash space over NACH, since I see a fair amount of Punitive Counterstrike.

24 May 2014 Sandor

i really like the Stirling way of play :)

25 May 2014 Sandor

a good change could be -1 motivation +1 feedback filter

26 May 2014 spags