Netforger Making News - GNK Winner

Longi 1445

This is the deck that has been generated for me for our NetForger GNK tournament. There is no point to talk about the card choices, obviously, so let me tell you shortly about our experience with this format.

We saw some people play NetForger at German Nationals and it looked like a lot of fun. And since we try to play non-standard formats in our GNKs, we decided to give it a try.

On the plus side, the format is fun, full of surprises and you get to play all the awesome cards that rotated out in combination with all the cards that were never strong enough to make it to your standard deck. The games kind of resemble the Core Experience format, since they are mostly abot money, ices, breakers and simple math, no elaborate combos or shenanigans. The downside of the format is that the longer the games drag the smaller are the chances for corporation to win. And since the agenda density is lower (usually there is between 15 - 17 agenda points in a deck) it is harder for the corp to rush to victory.

Another small downside of the format is that you have to open your old boxes of rotated cards only to make a deck for one evening. And since you often do not know half of the generated cards it is even harder to find them. As a generator we used the website Unfortunately, the latest set and System Core 2019 are not implemented so we did not dare to exclude the rotated sets in order to keep the balance.

Still, I would recommend trying this out as a refreshing experience.