GameNet: Where Ragnarok is Real! (5th NZ Nationals) (3-1)

Xtreme 8

Started playing Netrunner 3 months ago and had my first tournament (NZ nationals) recently where I managed to get 5th place with this Corp Deck, which I did not expect (Lost 0-4 with my runner deck). This deck is built around a Týr-Ganked-Helheim Server combo, where the rez of Týr is the beginning of Ragnarok for the runner. Týr is a nasty surprise for the runner, since it is a 5-influence 10 credit Sentry ICE, that is out of faction and not expected in an NBN deck.

Agenda choice:

Bellona is an expensive agenda for the runner to steal, and if they decide to steal it the ID triggers (unless they have Film Critics).
SSL Endorsement is great to increase the passive income even if the runner steals it early on.
Fly on the Wall and 15 minutes are there in case in you need to exchange them with 3-point agendas from the runner

Game plan:

Set up a remote for Daily Quest (or two), to kick-start a solid passive income needed to rez the expensive ICE’s like Tollboth, Komainu and Týr later on.
Install Ganked and Helheim server in the remote server protected by Týr and Tollbooth. Rez Helheim server before they access Týr, and boost what you can. When they access Ganked, send the runner directly back to Týr (if they get that far).
If the runner steals any 3-point agendas, use exchange of information to swap them with 1-point agendas


Komainu is there as an equal substitute (or addition) for Týr and works so great with Ganked and Helheim server due to the double encounter affect.
I prefer to use SEA Source followed by exchange of information instead of HHN and hoping that the runner doesn't clear the 4 tags with Misdirection

I want to give a thanks to Gareth Harrison for organizing this year's New Zealand Nationals, and for making my first competitive tournament a huge success.

I wouldn’t be able to learn Netrunner so well and fast, without the help from the Emerson Netrunner Gang and our regular meetups with amazing games, interesting discussion and good company. Special Thanks to Dave for introducing me to this game.

5 Mar 2020 CryptoGraham

Looks fantastic! How much work did Data Raven do for you? Especially since you're on gamenet, I might suggest F2P but the rest of the list looks hysterical.

Funnily enough, my metamate is on the Tyr -> Ganked! combo as well. It's horrid. I always know it's there and you basically can never have enough money to encounter twice.


5 Mar 2020 Xtreme

@CryptoGraham I did considered F2P, and I might try that instead of Turnpike/Data Raven.

Data Raven did great for me, since I normally protect my Daily Quest with it. Letting the runner get two credit and a tag to access Daily Quest is a good deal for this deck. So that's why I currently prefer Data Raven over F2P.

5 Mar 2020 Ghost Meat

Way to go, @Xtreme! Three months in and already crushing dreams, I love it. My pleasure introducing you to the game; so glad you like it!