False Argus - 2nd Hudds SC

NtscapeNavigator 905

This is almost identical to this deck: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/58867/king-argus-and-the-knights-of-the-dining-table-1st-ikos-20

and to be honest I wasn't feeling any corp option and built it mainly to show off my Artist full bleed false lead proofs.

....then C-19 lockdown happened and the event was played online, so I didnt even get to show them off, but ah well.

It's just a typical argus shell, nothing particular spicy and I'm sure everyone is used to the false lead version now, false lead creates an additional shell of damned if you don't damned if you do, and can create impossible situations for the runner.

The deck lost 3 games, in round 1, round 1 cut and again in the final, upon reflection my game in the final I made the mistake of archering Anima and not corroder when I'd discarded the ETR code gates already, also I held on to the tag and bag plan far too long, but never the less Pete played his outs really well dodging the incoming storm of tags.

It only won 1 game through flatline, which is almost lost if stargate found an agenda. All other games it won by audacity atlas to score out.

Defiantly the deck I was weaker with of my corp and runner decks.