You asked for More Leela? (4th Huddersfield Online SC)

HiddenAway 830

A quick retake on my Maw Leela deck from last year (back when Crowdfunding was still allowed). Data Folding makes way for Rezeki. It does suffer from a lack of draw. I might look at DreamNet or maybe Fisk Investment Seminar instead. Blueberry Diesel is another option, though I find it to be weak if you don't see Class Act. Feel free to test and work it out. Buffer Drive saved me against Nemo when he used a Contract Killer on me.

This deck was unbeaten on the day, going 3-0 in Swiss. It never got played in the cut as I lost both games on the corp side. Completed wins against Titan, The Outfit and ASA, though the ASA game was won due to an agenda flood with no ICE.

16 Mar 2020 Nem0

That damned Buffer Drive...

16 Mar 2020 HiddenAway

I don't know if that was my favourite moment of the day or hitting a Snare with 2 cards in hand but you were unable to fire it

16 Mar 2020 Nem0

For an ID that can gain 10c in one click, I was abominably poor that game.

16 Mar 2020 HiddenAway

Just no money cards I guess? I was getting Grant to stick around quite a bit in that game and just generally playing around possible HHN or Punitive

17 Mar 2020 Nem0

I think I saw 1 Hedge and 1 Rashida, but more importantly no TBTF.

23 Mar 2020 5N00P1

Play it and really liked it, but the Career Fair was maybe 1x to much? Or I was unlucky?