SOCR11 ASA (8th of 54)

Longi 1548

I was kind of lazy to come up with new interesting corp for SOCR11 so I took the Jinja ASA deck that served me really well in standard environment during previous season. It is easy to navigate, it can go really fast, which is a thing I like when playing corp, and it has a solid late-game because of the Jinja City Grid.

It went 5-0 in the swiss and 1:1 in the top cut which was a nice surprise since good criminal play is usually the best answer to rush strategy and I met a lot of 419s.

The core of the deck remained mostly the same, the only thing that I changed frequently was Endless EULA and Surveyor, depending on the math-up. Endless EULA was great against shapers and especially criminals as it was Boomerang-proof. On the other hand, it died instantly to Chisel, and since a lot of Anarchs were on ice destruction plan, the Surveyor was the best choice for the same influence. Also, once it gained strength 8, it became resistant to Chisel + Devil Charm shenanigans.

Anyway, the tournament was superb, my thanks go to all participants and especially to organisers. See you all again in SOCR12;)