SOCR11 Leela (8th out of 54)

Longi 1550

Nothing really special here. I was kind of lazy to come up with new interesting runner for SOCR11 so I took the ever-present core-set Leela since most of the cards she needs are in core-set anyway and she also did really well for me in SOCRX.

As it turned out, it was not a good choice at all because of all those 5/3s floating around (against 6 agenda Azmari Leela is basically useless). Soon enough I wished I had chosen 419 instead.

I think my runner went 2:3 in the swiss and 0:1 in the top cut. It was the corp that carried me all the way to top cut see here

Anyway, the tournament was superb, my thanks go to all participants and especially to organisers. See you all again in SOCR12;)