ACME Grinding Glacier

jcpcelt 25

This deck is the result of the last 24 months playing almost exclusively as Acme on Jnet and before that IRL, trying to find a way to turn an ID I immediately fell in love with into something with 65% + success in Jinteki which would handle some of the more oppressive Meta, particularly vs R&D multi access and trash decks.

This deck normally lasts 15-25 mins per game, but can go all the way to 45 mins depending on the match up. It's made to control the game, similarly to a lot of Crim decks - asking the runner to make hard choices and sacrifices whilst it's power creeps further.

Key features:

Extremely low density of Agendas - 8 in 54, 3 of which defend or bite back at the runner (Bellona).

Massive Ice, helped by Jinja, with Surveyor as the star turn,

IP Block, Pachinko are great early ice, handling runners without breakers or making for expensive runs for the princely sums of 2 & 1 creds respectively.

Psychic Field, because 419, and everyone needs a trap bluff

Stacking Ice, particularly highly sequenced Ice (the ETR's which rely on either being outermost or behind a Data Raven) takes time and can lead to flooding even at low density - Attitude Adjustment deal with this, as well as meeting the challenges of Gang Sign and of Anarch's trashing Agendas.

No HHN. Sea Source is a far better solution for this deck, giving the chance to trash the assets which do the serious damage to the all important Ice stacks - Hunting Grounds should be taken out at the earliest opportunity.

Red Herrings synergy with the expensive Ice and Bellona is not to be trifled with. It saves the game on many an occasion.

Final point - Engram Flush, why? Well, firstly variety - there's not that many great Code Gates out there for NBN to bring in. Secondly, Apoc. Engram is ideal 2nd Ice early on - I often start vs Anarch with an Engram on R&D and something before it to prevent it being DDOS'd. If Anarch's are going to DDOS>Apoc your early set up due to having no breaking power or money then Engram gives the chance to trash that Apoc in hand! Thirdly, the more encounters the better with Hunting Grounds doing the rounds and only able to used once per turn, the more of them, the less likely the runner makes several runs per turn unless they're able to deal with every sub and have creds left (cos everyone knows to not run at NBN on low creds right?).

Anyway, a couple of peeps have asked me for this on Jnet and enjoyed it, so I thought I'd share for the first time.

Here's a vid of a streamer getting beat by one of the Folks that asked for a copy, have fun if you give this a try;

9 Apr 2020 Brightsides

This has become my favorite Corp deck ever very quickly.

The low agenda density gives you so much, watching Anarch or Sunny pay 6 to break Engram's is a moment of glee every time.

The only card I wasn't sold on was Red Herrings, then it turned the scoring server into a extra 10 cred cost to steal, and made the game plan so much more secure.

Plus putting a critical mass of defensive upgrades in the server has scared opponents into running to clear them out without anything installed.

The mindgame of IAA NGO front wins games or puts you ahead on credits so easily.

The credit differential is king here, and with all the resource hate we have, runners can't sustain econ in the long game and stay untagged.

It's main weakness is being put behind early, but Attitute Adjustment helps that. Without playing at least one of those a game though things can spiral vs Anarch.