Bravado Reina (Iberian Lockdown #2 Winner)

rubenpieters 17

(Banned Runner Cards: Apocalypse, Corporate "Grant", DDoS, Labor Rights, Rebirth, Rezeki, Stargate)

A simple good stuff anarch deck focused on events and resources that are sometimes still worth installing through scarcity.

My thoughts on some cards:

Mystic Maemi: Even with 17 events that have more than 1 cost it still felt only okay-ish. Could be because I never seemed to draw it early enough.

Moshing: There are some redundant cards in the deck so I added it to try it out, plus the obvious synergy with the bin breakers. I also wanted to be able to reliably get economy going through scarcity, and this allows me to discard resources I don't wish to install. It's decent if you can reliably play it.

Hippo: Should definitely be a 3-of here. Probably cut one of the above.